What does FAQ stand for?
Frequently asked questions *mic drop*


  • How do I join?
    Come to one of our meetings: Mondays at 8PM in IM West Room 208
    Only when school is in session, i.e. if we are on spring break or summer break there will not be a meeting. If you can’t make it to one of the meetings, you can contact our treasurer about getting a membership.
  • What does my membership get me?
    -Access to our gear room
    -Invitation to go on MSUOC sponsored trips
    -The year long membership lasts for an entire calendar year not an academic year.
  • Refunds for memberships
    -At this time we do not do refunds for memberships.
  • Can I get membership for only one semester?
    -At this time we do not have the option for single semester memberships.
  • I can’t make it to meetings can I still join? / It’s half way through the semester can I still join?
    -Yes, despite missing meetings you can get details about what was presented at the meeting through our meeting minutes. Alternatively, you can find the meeting minutes on this website.
  • What if I don’t have gear?
    -We have a variety of gear available in our gear room. Contact one of the gear managers to check out something or see what’s currently in the gear room.
  • Is this group for beginners?
    -This group is open for anyone who is interested in exploring the outdoors regardless of the amount of experience you have. If you’re a beginner that needs to borrow gear check out our gear room. Additionally, if you need any help or suggestions with planning activities feel free to contact any of our E-board members.

Facebook Group / Emails

  • How do I join the Facebook Group?
    -In order to join the Facebook group you have to be a member of the club. You can do so by signing up at one of our meetings. You also need to verify your MSU email address. You can do this by going to your account settings and adding an additional email to your account. Once that is done you should be able to join the group.
  • I’m not ready to commit to a membership, how do I follow club events if I’m not in the Facebook group?
    -All of our club events and news are detailed on the website! You can also follow upcoming events on our Facebook page. Not all events are members only so be sure to check us out at our public events! Also be sure to sign up for our email list for details from weekly meetings (see below).
  • How do I sign up for the emails?
    -Follow this link, then click ‘join the list’
  • How do I unsubscribe to the emails?
    -Follow this link, then click ‘leave the list’


  • When is the last time I can get a trip refund?
    The Monday prior to the trip will be the last possible date that you can get a full refund.