E-Board Positions

Executive Board

Requires being on E-board for one year
The president is someone who is the main speaker at the weekly meeting, and therefore must attend every meeting. It is the president’s responsibility to coordinate guest speakers to present at meetings. The president must hold other E-board members accountable for their duties. And most importantly, the president should give something unique back to the club to ensure its growth and to set a platform for future presidents and members.

Seasonal Duties:


  • Register club after August 1st at studentlife.msu.edu (click on link titled: “Activity Planning Form (APF)/Student Organization Registration”)
  • Call Joel Eddy at IM sports and reserve room 208


  • Reserve a table at Sparticipation


  • Be sure C2C is running smoothly and get all e-board participating. It’s in their duties.


Vice President:
The vice president’s job is to assist the president by helping out with club events and holding E-board members accountable for their duties. The vice president is also responsible for planning what will go on at the weekly meetings (presentations, guest speakers, activities, etc.).


Requires being on E-board for one year
The Treasurer is someone who must be very organized and punctual. The treasurer’s job is to make sure liability waivers are up to date and printed, restock membership cards if needed (Usually there needs to be at least 300 available at the beginning of the year), take care of memberships at meetings, and cash checks. At the very beginning of the year, it is very important to immediately take care of these responsibilities:

  • Take care of access to the MSUFCU bank account. Access allowed for the president and the treasurer.  Get in contact with Mark Voit early because he frequents summer trips.


Secretary (2):

The secretary’s job is to take notes at every meeting and send them out to the list-serve (Outing@msu.edu) by the following Wednesday at the latest. The secretary must also plan one trip a semester and assist other E-board member in tasks.


Public Relations (2):

The responsibilities of a public relations position includes finding new and maintaining old contracts with sponsors, representing the club at Sparticipation in the fall, and to promote  any MSUOC event (Campus to Coast, rustic, bar crawls, etc.) by advertising it on the website and facebook page.


Gear Managers (2):

Gear managers must send their PID and email information to Joel Eddy, informing him that it is the set of people who have access to the gear room at the beginning of the year.

    • Joel C. Eddy
    • IM West #207
    • Office: 517-432-1479
    • Cell: 517-256-5682
    • eddy@msu.edu

The job of the gear managers is to check out gear to members. This process consists the following steps:

  1. Collect safety deposit from club member (in check form) *remember to check to see if the person is a member. The club has an electronic record and automatic email system that is used to remind members to return gear and to let other members know what gear is and isn’t checked out.
  2. Give them the gear they requested for no more than two weeks.
  3. Once returned, check to see if the gear is damaged.
  4. If not, rip up the safety deposit check. If it is, cash the safety deposit check to spend on a new piece of gear to replace the damaged one.

Finally, gear managers’ must guard the keys with their lives, keep the gear room organized, update the gear list, and clean the gear.



The historian’s job is to take photos and videos at major events (rustic, overnighters, campus to coast. etc.), upload photos onto MSUOC gallery in google doc, and keep club video up to date, and post pictures to instagram every other week (even on christmas break, spring break, and during the summer).

  • Access to the Youtube and Instagram accounts – Ask previous historian for the passwords
  • Upload whitewater rafting video onto the youtube


Website Manager (Webmaster):

The website manager’s job is to maintain the website by keeping it running, putting up advertisements for events and meetings, and by putting up meeting minutes every week.