Gear Room

Procedure for checking out gear

In order to check out gear you must be an MSUOC member!

Gear Room Hours:
Monday after the meeting
Tuesday: 12:30-1:00pm
Thursday: 2:40-3:30pm 

**TUESDAY LOCATION:  Sean is located up the east- side lobby stairs then make the first left**

During these times, your gear managers, Sean and Jud, will be posted up in the east-side lobby (that’s where you get your card swiped) of IM West. Search for them, contact them directly if you are unable to find them, and they will lead you into the dungeon of gear (Basement, Room 15).

There is a 2-week time-limit for all gear. Please return your gear on time and clean.

What to bring to check out gear:

  • Safety Deposit: When the gear is returned in good condition your money will be refunded. Cash, check, credit/debit is accepted
    • If you use credit/debit, the amount is frozen. Meaning it will not be taken out of your account unless you don’t return the gear.
  • MSUOC Membership card (contact Eleanor if you are a member and do not have one)

Gear List

*If you scroll over, there is a column that indicates if the item has been checked out!