Meeting Minutes 2/19

Gear Swap
When: Saturday, February 24; wave 1 at 12:00pm, wave 2 at 1:30pm
Where: Lansing Brewing Company
Come get cheap, barely used gear or sell some you already have! Only have a few items? Perfect, OC can sell it for you and get you your money after the event. Contact Dan Durbin if you’d like to have OC sell your stuff. There will be beer.

Executive Board Elections
When: March 19 and March 26
Where: IM West 208, bring your club membership card!
What: Each person running will pitch a 2-3 minute speech, then members will vote
Being on the board has many perks. It’s a professional experience with peers who share the same passion you have for the out of doors. It’s an opportunity to project manage. You’re an integral part of the club and its functioning. Do you like taking on responsibility and have an interest in running for a position? Contact a board member and ask them about their experience and read up on the descriptions and requirements of each position. All positions are open.

Campus to Coast
Tonight the Race Director, Joe Dewan, gave us a run-through of portages and preparation advice for Campus to Coast. Campus to Coast is a paddle sport adventure race. The race starts at Wonch Park in Okemos, following the Red Cedar River into the Grand River and out through Grand Haven, finishing at Grand Haven State Park.
The race is approximately 160 miles, with a 57 hour cut-off time. This event includes paddling at night, 7 portages, along with one section where racers must “canoe line” a small section of fall over dams. There is required gear that can be found in the rules section.
Due to the inherent dangers of canoeing/kayaking, cold weather, night river travel, and dams, every racer should be well aware of the protocols regarding emergency situations (found in the rules). Racers also must be aware of their own abilities, strengths, and weaknesses before undertaking this event. Everyone is welcome to take part in any division they are applicable for; however they should take into consideration all risks (frostbite, hypothermia, drowning, death, etc.). Plan ahead!
Want to volunteer?
Not sure if you’re ready to race? Get used to the waters and cheer on your friends! Plus, camp out and get quadruple the 40 night challenges nights- that’s right, four nights for one! Your job is to check in on participants, mark their time, and ensure that everyone is safe. You’ll be posted up at portages and keeping the spirits raised. Volunteers are a key component of this race that make it possible to have a safe, adventurous competition. If you are interested in volunteering, contact Joe Dewan and keep your ears peeled for the volunteer registration.

Want to race?

Registration will be open February 26, 2018 at noon at
$40 per person for an OC member
$50 per person for a non OC member
$70 per person for open division
$40 per canoe for canoe rental (includes paddles and pfds)

Required gear list:
2 coast guard flares
1 white light for night travel (headlamp, or flashlight on front of boat)
1 emergency blanket per person (or SOL emergency bivy)
1 shelter solution (tarp or tent)
fire starters
1 coast guard approve pfd per person, worn at all times
1 whistle per person
2 or more changes of clothes
last set of dry clothes= race is over for your team
Multiple layers! Ex: synthetic or wool (NO cotton, NO down), mid layer fleece
rain gear per person (rain jacket, frog togs)
1 cell phone in a waterproof container (try a JIF jar)
3-4 quarts water per person (2-3 nalgenes per person)
Recommended gear:
synthetic sleeping bag, sleeping pad
scoop and sponges to get water out of boat
ditch kit dry bag (emergency stuff you can grab quickly)
10 L drybag for food
stove, pot
first aid kit
spot tracker
1 spare paddle

Some info about the portages from your race coordinator:
*more technical information can be found in the safety videos linked below.
Hannah Rapids: don’t try to clear this and get wet this early! Not worth it!
Lansing Fish Ladder: this portage is a quarter mile of walking.
Grand Ledge: Not an easy take out but it’s an ok portage. Don’t go over the dam!
Portland: wave hello to Verlen Kruger.
10 mile of reservoir before Webber
Webber: no one likes this one
Wager: it’s very easy to miss this portage! keep your eyes peeled!
Then, stop at Cindy’s for a bonfire at camp 1
Lyons: There are boulders and a strong current at the put in
In just another 40 to 50 miles, you’ll pass camp 2
Grand Rapids: you’ll hike your boat on portage wheels for about a mile and a half, get ready

Need to prepare?
Attend the mandatory safety meeting Monday, April 16! Work on the basics! Paddle with your partner! Get on the water during Dan Durbin’s Office Hours (check the Facebook to see when he’s heading out)! Watch the safety videos! Check some blogs and videos from races past! Long story short, there are plenty of things you can do to get ready for the race. Start yesterday.



REI Presents: How to Run 100 Miles

Any and all questions can be directed to your Race Director, Joe Dewan, at 517-643-7177 and

Now that you’ve got the current information I hope your day flows smoothly. Boat if it doesn’t, choose to embrace this rain!

buckets of love,

Monica Williamson
Outdoors Club
Michigan State University

Meeting Minutes 2/12

Howdy everyone!

Hope you guys all had a great weekend doing something cool and exciting. I know I can speak for everyone that went on rustic when I say that BC’s Pizza was definitely ABOVE average and probably our favorite part of the trip. Oh, and the hike across Lake Huron to Mackinaw Island was cool, I guess. 😉

At last night’s meeting, Dan Bomzer and Jack Kuerbitz talked about their super duper road trip out west over the summer. They started in California, and spent close to a month knocking out as many national parks as they could. It was super awesome to hear about, and to see all their pics!

There’s not too many new events going on in the upcoming weeks, but I’ll give you the quick recap.

Learn to Ski Day

You’ve probably already heard from Dan Bomzer by this point, but if you can drive and haven’t indicated so, then let Dan know! This trip is also full, and looks like it’s going to be a lot of fun. Make sure that you all get to know the skiing lingo while you’re shredding some pow.

Spring Break to the Smokies

Are you interested in doing something for spring break? Danielle Janks is planning a trip down to the Smokies, and there is still room for others to hop on the fun train. They’re going to rent out a cabin right by the park, and explore the region for the week. Price and details are all contingent on the number of people that show interest, so message her on facebook if this is something that you want to do.

Road Trip with Sean McMillian

Speaking of road trips, here’s an opportunity for you to do your very own road trip, just like Dan did! Sean McMillian is a Californian by birth, but he bleeds green (he’s a Vulcan). Every year he drives all the way back home and makes a trip out of it, stopping by tons of parks and as many cool/weird sights as possible. The only caveat to this trip is that you’d have to fly back to Michigan (or wherever you’re going afterwards). So, it’s a one-way ticket, but it’s also a fun way ticket. If you’re interested in tagging along with him this time around, then shoot him a message on facebook!

Gear Swap

This is in 2 weeks, on February 24th from noon to 3. Bring old gear to sell, bring money to spend! Come one, come all! Check out all of the gear, and check out the facebook page!

That’s it for this week!

Pun of the week:

When the car failed an inspection due to a its inability to stop, the owner said ‘give me a break’.

Have a good week, and enjoy this winter wonderland!

Evan Fischer
MSUOC Secretary

Meeting Minutes 2/5


Tonight, our very own Evan presented on an adventure that just can’t be washed away! He did a 17 day hike through the Anna Purna Circuit in Nepal. If you’re interested in visiting these stunning mountain peaks, or in planning a similar trip, contact him. He Loves questions that start conversations!!

We have no new trip information to share with you, but here’s a brief overview of what is coming up:

The time. Is. Now. Rustic Cabin is THIS weekend! Gather up your hiking shoes and practice your euchre face. It’ll be a weekend you don’t forget. The rides list and packing list will be out tomorrow, and all questions can be directed to Tyler.

Learn to Ski is FULL. If you have signed up for this trip already, please contact Dan Bomzer to let him know if you can or cannot drive. It is very important you do so asap!

Learn to Ice Climb is NOT FULL! If you’re interested the sign up is on the Facebook group. All questions can be directed to Sean and more information can be found in past meeting minutes.

Trip Planners Trip on your to do list? Let Sean know what your trip plan is BEFORE February 14th if you’d like to attend. If you’re confused by what this means, all the more reason to talk to Sean! Or, check past meeting minutes.

And with that, I’ll summit up!

Climb on,

Monica Williamson
Outdoors Club
Michigan State University

Meeting Minutes 1/30

Howdy everyone!

Hope everyone enjoyed this past weekend; a nice spring day. For all of your out-of-staters, 50-degree days in the middle of January aren’t really the most normal thing. Well it may be cold now, my jokes will be hot! Please don’t stop reading now.
Yesterday at the meeting, Sydney Clark (our webmaster – yes we have a website) talked about her trip on the White Mountains (in New Hampshire) section of the Appalachian Trail. She talked about the hut system that they use in the mountains to let people stay at to avoid the harsh exposed conditions of the ridgeline. Also, fun fact, the highest recorded windspeed on Earth was on Mount Washington at 275mph. It was a really interesting presentation!

Here’s what’s going on for the next few weeks, events wise.

Winter Rustic Cabin

On the weekend of February 9th – 11th, we’re going to be going up to Wilderness State Park (about 3 hours north of East Lansing, near the Mackinaw Bridge) for our annual Winter Rustic Cabin trip! We’re renting out a cabin, and hanging out in it for the weekend! There will also be hikes, a jam sesh or two, euchre tourney, and ABOVE AVERAGE pizza! Price for this trip will be $10 plus food and gas money, and we’re doing a lottery style approach for this trip instead of a first comes first basis. However, since the lottery was last night, you probably already know if you’re going to be going on this trip or not. So pretty much, this trip is already full. BUT…….if you message Tyler then you can request to be put on the waitlist. The last day for refunds are February 5th. More details to come on this trip if you’re on the list.

Gear Swap

Did you forget about the upcoming gear swap? I hope not! In case you did, let me type out a (well-written) description of what this event entails!

Like used gear? Like saving money? Like good beer and fun games? The Outdoors Club and Moosejaw are hosting the 3rd annual gear swap. This event will take place on February 24th at Lansing Brewing Company. The event will be from 12 – 3pm. You can bring your gear to sell, or just come and check out other people’s gear. Also, Moosejaw is going to be selling items at a super duper discounted rate. There’s going to be 2 waves of sellers (one at 12, and one at 1:30), so you don’t have to show up right when the event starts to get good gear. Also, we’re going to be having volunteers sell the gear this year, so you don’t need to stay the entire time if you’re selling gear. This event is open to the public, and anyone can show up to buy or sell. If you’re planning selling though, then make sure you fill out the form on the facebook event. Oh look, a link to the facebook event!

FYI: You’re not allowed to sell used safety gear (such as climbing harnesses, PFDs, water filters, etc…).

If you have any questions about this event (or about what you’re allowed to sell), you can either post on the facebook page or contact Dan Durbin.

This was definitely not a copy and paste from last week’s meeting minutes…

Learn to Ski Day

Due to high demand of people wanting to shred some pow, this trip is full. If you want to be put on the waitlist, however, contact Dan Bomzer. Last day for refunds are February 12th.

Learn To Ice Climb Day

There are still spots available for this! It is going to be at Peabody’s in Fenton (about an hour away) on February 10th from 10-2. The price will be $35. Contact Sean Walbridge if you want to sign up!

That’s all for this week! Enjoy outdoorsy things (like trees).

Pun of the week:

I used to be a banker, but then I lost interest. Sorry if that joke didn’t make any cents. I wasn’t banking on any confusion. Dang, mo-ney’s really hurt from running this past weekend.

I’m done.

Evan Fischer
MSUOC Secretary

Meeting Minutes 1/22

Hey everyone!

Last night we heard about a lot of the events that are being planned for this upcoming semester. Wanna hear (or read) about what they are? Awesome! Scroll down!

Red Bull Competition

Want to win a free trip to Europe? Well, you’re in luck! Red Bull is hosting a competition where you get sent to Europe and have to survive off of nothing but Red Bull. You have to use Red Bull as currency and see how far you can get! For more info on this competition, contact Kate Llewellyn (on facebook) or check out this link!

Learn to Ice Climb Day

Do you like axes? Do you like (legally and safely) throwing them at ice? Well, how about you try out ice climbing! On February 10th from 10am – 2pm, we’re going to be going to Peabody’s Ice Climbing in Fenton, MI. It’s about an hour away from East Lansing, and they have a man-made ice tower. The next closest place to go ice climbing is in the Upper Peninsula, so you can’t beat the distance!
The price for this event will be $35, and this includes a day pass and rentals. Peabody’s has a 45 foot tower and a 75 foot tower, so you won’t get bored of climbing there!

Note: YOU MUST KNOW HOW TO BELAY! You can’t go on this event if you do not know how to belay and prove that you know how to. But don’t worry! You still have a few weeks to learn!

Signups are going to be next week after the meeting. For more info, contact Sean Walbridge or Eleanor Rappolee.

Madison Heights Planet Rock

Speaking of climbing, do you want to go climbing? A few of us are going to Planet Rock in Madison Heights (about an hour and a half away) to get good at climbing (and to have fun). This is a fantastic opportunity to learn how to belay for the ice climbing day! We’ll be going Saturday, 1/27, morning and will be coming back sometime Saturday afternoon (or whenever the drivers want to come back). This is a super casual event, and anyone can go! A day pass is $16 (bring your student ID), a climbing/belay lesson is $44 (this includes rentals, the lesson, and 2 day passes), and rentals are ~$10.

Here’s the link for rides list:

Here’s more info on Planet Rock:

Trip Planners Trip

WE HAVE A DATE! The trip planners trip is going to be from March 23 – 25, so mark your calendars if you’ve planned a trip! Location is a surprise! The cutoff for the trip planners trip is February 14th. But if you have a trip idea in the works for after the cutoff, talk to Sean Walbridge about your idea! He’ll be able to work something out!

Gear Swap

Like used gear? Like saving money? Like good beer and fun games? The Outdoors Club and Moosejaw are hosting the 3rd annual gear swap. This event will take place on February 24th at Lansing Brewing Company. The event will be from 12 – 3pm. You can bring your gear to sell, or just come and check out other people’s gear. Also, Moosejaw is going to be selling items at a super duper discounted rate. There’s going to be 2 waves of sellers (one at 12, and one at 1:30), so you don’t have to show up right when the event starts to get good gear. Also, we’re going to be having volunteers sell the gear this year, so you don’t need to stay the entire time if you’re selling gear. This event is open to the public, and anyone can show up to buy or sell. If you’re planning selling though, then make sure you fill out the form on the facebook event. Oh look, a link to the facebook event!

FYI: You’re not allowed to sell used safety gear (such as climbing harnesses, PFDs, water filters, etc…).
If you have any questions about this event (or about what you’re allowed to sell), you can either post on the facebook page or contact Dan Durbin.

Learn to Ski Day

Wanna learn how to shred some pow(der)? Now’s your chance to learn! On February 25th, there will be a learn to ski day. It will be at Schuss Mountain, in Mancelona, MI. It’s about 3 hours away from East Lansing. The price for this event will be $30. This includes ski rentals, a lift ticket, and lessons. This is a set price, so it’s still going to be $30 even if you have your own gear. Also, since Schuss Mountain is so far away, some of us are going to be camping out the night before close-ish to the mountain. Location is to be determined. The cap is at 30 people, and the last day for refunds is February 12th. Signups are going to be at the next meeting. Contact Dan Bomzer with any questions!

Welp, that’s it for this week! See everyone next week, and enjoy the strange spring-ish weather in the middle of January.

Ponder this:

Why do people say ‘be there or be square’? It’s because if you’re square, then you’re not a-round.

Evan Fischer
MSUOC Secretary

Meeting Minutes 1/8

Welcome back to the greenest and the whitest of all campuses! Belize, New Zealand, the West Coast, Lake Erie, Mount Bohemia- near and far, OC members enjoyed days off in the out-of-doors. We hope you got outside for some adventures over break and want to hear all your stories, crazy or underwhelming, when we see you next.

At last night’s meeting we sprung right into the Spring semester schedule (then hurried to Crunchy’s for some good ‘ole fashion fun). Here’s a super brief rundown of our upcoming excursions! Sign up dates and further details will be announced as the dates of the events near. 

Inside Moves Overnighter

Sleep at the climbing gym, play dodgeball, hammock, and get to know other OC members
Byron Center, MI

  • Tentative date: 1/26 or 1/27
  • 30 person cap
  • $20 includes gear rental

Ice Climb Day

Outdoor ice climbing at Peabody Ice Climbing

Fenton, MI

  • Tentative date: 2/10, 10-2pm
  • 20 person cap
  • $35 includes gear rental 

*Interested in the Fenton Ice Fest? It’s January 20th, google it!

*The Munising Ice Fest is Feb 15-18, if you’re interested stayed tuned. 

Winter Rustic

Fun winter hiking and other shenanigans

Wilderness State Park

  • Date: 2/9-2/11
  • 30 person cap
  • $10-15

Learn to Ski and Winter Campout

Learn to ski and snowboard from professional staff

Schuss Mountain Resort, Mancelona, MI

  • Tentative date: 2/25
  • 30 person cap
  • $30 includes lift tickets, rentals, lesson

Discover MI Learn to Ski Program

State incentive to expand winter sports in the state

  • Date: The month of January 
  • Total cost for day is $35 for downhill and $20 for cross country
  • Many participating hills in the state! For more information contact Dan Bomzer

MSUOC Bar Crawl 

Crawl through the bars of Lansing and end with some live music and great company. You MUST BE 21 to participate, not just have an ID that says you’re “21”… sorry folks, your time will come

Lansing, MI

  • Tentative date: 3/24 or 3/25
  • no cap
  • Foreal, no fakes, patience is a virtue

Learn to Backpack

Learn basic outdoor camping and backpacking skills on the Manistee River Trail

Manistee, MI

  • Free
  • 40 person cap
  • Tentative dates: last weekend of March or first weekend of April

Campus to Coast

Paddle 160 miles from campus to Lake Michigan

Red Cedar River and Grand River, MI

  • Cost is TBD
  • Dates: 4/20-4/22
  • Details will be released in full as more becomes known

VOLUNTEERS NEEDED! You need no paddling experience to volunteer, just a stellar attitude and potential willingness to camp for free. Let Joe know if you’re interested and maybe you’ll get a discounted registration fee for next year’s race!


  • Want to explore over Spring Break? Need friends who are as adventurous as you? We encourage members to plan a Spring Break trip and invite other club members! If you need assistance or want to run it by someone who has planned a trip before, contact any E-Board member. 
  • Record your 40 Night Challenge nights. Our current leader Lauren is at 18 nights sleeping outdoors- way to go Lauren!! Where are you on the leader board? 
  • If you plan an OC trip you’ll be invited to the Trip Planners Trip with expenses covered by OC! To be included you must have your trip details prepared before Feb 14. Contact Sean if you want in!

You’re the bees knees
his legs
and his arms

10 4, 

Monica Williamson


Outdoors Club

Michigan State University 

12/4 Meeting Minutes

Hey everyone!

Last night was our last meeting of the semester 🙁 . But don’t worry! We still have another whole semester once we get back from break! Unless, of course, you’re graduating. To which I must say that “congraduations” are in order!

Last night we watched ‘Alone in the Wilderness’. It was about a guy (said guy’s name is Dick Proenneke), and he built a cabin in the middle of Alaska from logs and resources from around the area. It was super cool to watch, and very inspiring! #ElderlyGoals

I hope you all enjoyed the first semester of being in the OC! It was great to get to meet a bunch of new members, and I’m looking forward to meeting more after the break! Good luck on finishing up the rest of the semester (finals, amiright?) and have a great break and holidays! Do something cool, stay warm, and be outdoorsy!

Evan Fischer
MSUOC Secretary

Meeting Minutes 11/28

Did you #optoutside this Friday? Hopefully you rested up and enjoyed some fresh air during your well deserved break. Here are today’s headliners:

Dr. Chuck Nelson 

This evening guest speaker, Dr. Chuck Nelson, shared out of doors wisdom while answering questions and facilitating discussion. We talked invasive species, social media movements’ effect on the parks and recreation industry, big cities in Michigan, park-finding apps, environmental engineering, engaged citizenship, and how to motivate ourselves and others to get outside.

Outdoors Club Service Project: visibly make a place better! It’s a great way to get outside. How? Talk to park rangers to see where needs are then provide physically able, knowledgable volunteers (that is us college folk) to spend time caring for the environment. Our brainstorm list for the ideal OC Service Project includes the following aspects: free, fun, family oriented, some friendly competition, a few plenty of dogs, optional transportation, desirable hours and location, and social media advertising. If you have ideas for an OC Service Project contact your President, Dan Bomzer.

To know more, look into these classes:

CSUS464 Natural Resource and Environmental Policy in Michigan (Spring 2018)

CSUS276 National Parks (Spring 2018)

Community Sustainability Internship (Dr. Nelson is the Coordinator for this program)

Upcoming Events

Ludington State Park Camping 

Friday, December 1- Saturday, December 3

Lauren Driscoll is planning a $5 trip (includes the campsite fee; does not include food and gas)! There will be a 1 mile hike to the campsite in a winter wonderland (maybe). Pack according to the weather!!! To signup contact Lauren via Facebook.

POCAR Endurohike

Meet at Shaw Hall for dinner on Friday December 1 at 7pm. Then head out for a 30 mile over night trek. Hike 12-14 hours, and shake hands with some of the challenges POCAR greets. There will be no signup. Reminders will be given on Facebook. Build up your endurance!

“Your limitations are not great, your strengths are great.” -Dr. Chuck Nelson

Have a Happy Tuesday,

Monica Williamson


Outdoors Club

Michigan State University

Meeting Minutes 11/20

Hey everyone!

Hope you guys had a good weekend doing something outdoorsy. Last night at our meeting, we had our first ever gear debate. Our moderators asked the debaters questions about backpacking gear, and then they debated out their views and opinions. There were basically 3 different factions that were debating: Team Ultralight (Tyler), Team Bring Whatever You Want (Jud and Sara), and Team Middle Ground (Vanessa and Durbin). It was a novel way of learning about all types of backpacking gear and equipment. If you want any more advice or tips on gear to ask for for the holidays, then feel free to contact the debaters (or any other eboard member) for advice.

Here’s our upcoming events:
Ludington Trip

From December 1-3, Lauren Driscoll is planning a trip up to Ludington State Park. The cost for this trip will be $5, and will include the campsite fee. There will be a 1 mile hike in to the campsite, with many winter-y festivities to take place (i.e. snowball fights). Signups will be either at the next meeting, or you can personally contact Lauren if you want a spot. See the attached powerpoint for all the complete info on this trip!

Enduro Hike

On December 1 from 8pm to 8am, we will be hiking ~30 miles around the Lansing area. This is a great challenge to see what you’re capable of (both mental and physical), and even better training for any endurance races coming up (say, POCAR?). We will be passing through campus/EL a couple of times, so there are opportunities to drop out if you want. Also, Uber is another option if you want to drop out during the hike.
We’re going to be meeting at Shaw at 7pm on Friday, and then will leave around 8 after stocking up on food for the night. This event will be FREE and there will be no formal signup. We will post more info on the facebook page as it gets closer. Contact Sara Campbell or Olivia Simaz for more info.
That’s all for this week! Hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving break!
Evan Fischer
MSUOC Secretary


Meeting Minutes 11/13

Did you get outside and enjoy that dust of snow that settled through the mitten this weekend? Members hiked in Ludington, on the Manistee River Trail, and through the streets of EL with their pets. At the OC meeting last night we drank Red Bull and talked serious type 2 fun!

CAMPUS TO COAST: April 20-22, 2018

Campus to Coast Coordinator Joe Dewan is prepping for the race. Want to paddle from East Lansing to the coast of Lake Michigan in 57 hours or less? Here’s your chance! To learn more about campus to coast click here. You’ll find information about past races, required gear, and safety information. 

If you’re interested in participating in Campus to Coast, reach out to people who have done the race and have paddling experience. No question is a stupid question! To start, contact the Coordinator himself. Joe’s info can be found on our e-board page. With that being said, please know that Campus to Coast is a strenuous event and requires proper preparation. Start now!

If you are not doing the race, please consider volunteering! Things you’ll do include: managing campsites, recording when teams are coming through a check point, transporting portage wheels, and other location specific duties.You get to cheer on your friends and be a vital part of keeping up their morale! A sign up for volunteering will be available in the spring semester. 


A physical challenge and mental one too! The Purdue Outing Club Adventure Race is a weekend long orienteering challenge held each spring. Get ready for POCAR with the following club events:

Learn to Orienteer Day: at Huron Meadows is this weekend, Sunday November 19th from 10-2pm. Sign up is available online. More details can be found in past meeting minutes

The Enduro Hike: Meet at Shaw Hall for dinner on Friday December 1 at 7pm. Then head out for a 30 mile over night trek in the cold settings of EL. This hike will be led by Sara Campbell, last 12-14 hours, and will address some of the challenges of the POCAR adventure races. There will be no signup. Reminders will be given on Facebook and at meetings. Build up your endurance (finishers get free pizza)!

You’re hiking, it’s cold, your body is bundled, the sun sets, the stars twinkle, the match is struck, the embers glow, and

You’re on fire,

Monica Williamson

Outdoors Club
Michigan State University