Rustic Cabin

Rustic 2017 News:

  • There will be TWO Rustic cabins this year
    • 1st: September 15-17th at Waterloo State Park
    • 2nd: September 22-23rd at Wilderness State Park
  • Sign-ups for Waterloo will be at the next meeting on September 11th
  • Sign-ups for Wilderness will be at the following meeting on September 18th

Rustic cabin trips are a great way to connect with people from the club. These trips are typically very relaxed and you don’t need a lot of camping equipment or skills for this trip. Perfect for beginners although our veterans love the rustic cabin trips, too.

So how does this go? The club rents a rustic cabin for a weekend and we car pool there.  The cabin’s location is perfect as a base camp for hiking, biking, swimming, or paddling. The cabins there are equipped with electricity, bunk beds and a wood stove.