Campus to Coast 2018

Date: April 20-22, 2018

Campus to Coast is a paddle sport adventure race put on by the Michigan State University Outdoors Club. The race starts at Wonch Park in Okemos, following the Red Cedar River into the Grand River and out through Grand Haven, finishing at Grand Haven State Park. The race is approximately 160 miles, with estimations of the fastest times being anywhere from 36-40 hours and 57 hours being the cut-off time. Because this event happens early in the year, and will require paddling at night there is required gear; found in the rules. This race also contains 7 portages, along with one section where racers must “canoe line” a small section of fall over dams.

Due to the inherent dangers of canoeing/kayaking, cold weather, night river travel, and dams, every racer should be well aware of the protocols regarding emergency situations (found in the rules). Racers also must be aware of their own abilities, strengths, and weaknesses before undertaking this event. Everyone is welcome to take part in any division they are applicable for; however they should take into consideration all risks (frostbite, hypothermia, drowning, death, etc.). “Prior planning prevents piss poor performance.” as they say, plan appropriately and you should all have an expedition of a lifetime.

Race Divisions

Racers are organized into 3 major divisions with 3 different prices, the major division being as followed:

  • Collegiate: Any team composed of members all of who are studying at a secondary education school, including but not limited to colleges, universities, trade schools, and technical institutes.
  • Open Expedition Style: A team composed of members who will carry all their gear and food, and will obtain no outside assistance.
  • Open River Runner Style: A team who is only required to carry the required gear, and will have a support team following along the river. However, the support team may in no way assist in the forward progress of the paddle team.


Pricing per person is as follows (subject to change for 2018 race):

  • Collegiate MSUOC members: $40
  • Other colleges/Non MSUOC members: $50
  • Open: with return transport $70; without return transport $60.
  • Rentals: additional $40 per canoe rental (fits three people) while supplies last. Includes paddles and life jackets. 
  • Registration will be capped at 120 people (60 collegiate/60 open).

*Return transport is included with all registration*

Registration and Informational Documents

For all questions, please contact our 2018 race coordinator:

Joe Dewan
Phone: 517-643-7177