Rock Climbing

**Disclaimer: Technical rock climbing is inherently dangerous. If you’re a beginner please go with someone with climbing experience or take a belaying lesson at a local gym to get a good overview of the climbing basics. Also, if you’re going to climb on someone else’s rope double check the anchor set up to make sure it is done properly and has the correct gear in place.**

Planet Rock’s Weekly Crank Night
(Indoor Top Rope, Lead, and Bouldering)
– Madison Heights – Wednesdays – $10 from 7:30pm to close
-Ann Arbor – Thursdays – $10 from 7:30pm to close
The club has weekly trip to Planet Rock for crank night! Sign up to be a driver on this google sheet or contact someone on the list. Talk to Sean for more details!

Many MSUOC members can be found climbing at outdoor crags when the sun’s out or alternatively in indoor climbing gyms when the weather isn’t the best. Rock climbing involves scaling up natural or artificial (plastic) rock walls. In trying to reach the ultimate goal of getting to the top of a route, climbers are tested on their strength, mentality, balance, and flexibility. If you’re interested in getting involved with rock climbing here are some of the more frequently visited crags and gyms that our members can be found climbing at below.

The Ledges (Outdoor Top Rope)

‘The Ledges’ are located within Oak Park in Grand Ledge. In Grand Ledge, about 25min by car, one has the opportunity to top rope or boulder. Sport and trad climbing is prohibited due to the soft rock. Due to the fact that it is only top rope climbing and the rocks are not very high, it is tradition to “share ropes” there in order to maximize the time that one spends climbing. Protip: you can make a pitstop and climb on your Campus to Coast journey.

Devil’s Lake State Park, WI (Outdoor Trad & Top Rope)

Devil’s Lake is a state park in Wisconsin that is approximately 6.5 hours from MSUs campus. With over 1600 routes there are an ample amount of opportunities for both beginner and advanced climbers. Chicago Mountaineering Club usually has Devil’s Lake Outings throughout the year. Non-members of their club are allowed to partake in these outings.

– Red River Gorge, KY (Outdoor Sport Lead)

Red River Gorge, more commonly known as “The Red”, is one of the most popular climbing destinations East of the Mississippi. Climbing in the Red is primarily sport climbing and isn’t recommended for beginners. If you’re a beginner and want to go, you should go with an experienced climber who knows all of the safety precautions that are involved with lead climbing. Typically people camp at Miguel’s Pizza for $3 per night. Additionally, Miguel’s has a gear shop and showers available on location.

Climbing Overnighters

MSUOC also organizes overnight climbing events usually once per semester at a local climbing gym. During “overnighters”, the club rents the entire climbing gym for a night and participants can climb until the morning. Occasionally, dodge ball games happen in the early hours of the morning.

Climbing Resources
-Rock Climbing Fundamentals
-Climbing and Bouldering Rating System
-Rock Climbing Glossary