Ice Climbing

During the colder months of the year, members can’t climb at grand ledge, but many engage in ice climbing in the winter. This involves using alpine boots, crampons, ice axes, and warm clothes to climb frozen waterfalls or man-made ice structures. Many people ice climb at a man-made ice climbing gym, called Peabody Ice climbing gym. This is only about an hour away from Michigan State’s campus and is a great way to learn how and to practice ice climbing because top rope routes are already established. For the more experienced ice climbers, some members of the club drive to the Upper Peninsula to climb waterfalls in Munising and Marquette, Michigan.  Here, one must prepare more to engage in more backcountry ice climbing by hiking in worse conditions and setting up top ropes for the ice climbs. During February of every year, there is the Michigan Ice fest in Munising. One can learn how to ice climb here by taking clinics offered by the Fest. This event is filled with clinics, pro-climbers, speaker presentations, great friends and food, and raffles! Peabody Ice climbing gym has a similar annual ice fest as well. Check out the following link to learn techniques for ice climbing.

Basic Ice Climbing Techniques