Meeting Minutes 4/24

Good afternoon OCers!
At the meeting we brainstormed as a group about improvements for the club next year. Thoughts from the discussion can be found in the following document:    OC 2017 Improvements
Yoga in the Garden
Do you like yoga? Do you like gardens? Do you like garden style yoga? Well, then I have good news for you! There will be a destressing yoga session on Monday May 1st from 5:45 to 7:00pm in the Botanical Gardens behind the library. You don’t need to be a paying member of the OC to come, but you do need to bring your own yoga mat. Don’t have a yoga mat? Then just bring a towel! Oh, and guess what you don’t have to bring? Money! That’s right, this event is absolutely FREE! Hope to see you there!
Hugh Heward
Like paddling? Hate paddling and never want to get in another boat after doing Campus to Coast? Well, look no further than the Hugh Heward Canoe race on Saturday April 29th! There are 3 different options for the race: A full Hugh (50 miles from Dimondale to Portland), a half Hugh (25 miles from Grand Ledge to Portland), or a quarter Hugh (13 miles from Charlotte Bridge to Portland). The full Hugh is going to be launching at 7am, the half will be launching at 9am, and the quarter will be launching at 11am. It’s almost like there’s a pattern…The cost for this event is $10 per person, and you will need to supply your own boat. If you want more info on this event, then hit up our paddling maestro, Dan Durbin.
REI Garage Sale
Did you just read the last section about the Hugh Heward and think “$10 per person seems fine, but I really want a chance to spend a lot more money”. Well, look no further than the REI garage sale this weekend! On Saturday the 29th, a few of us will be headed down to Ann Arbor to take advantage of those sweet deals. It’s almost like candy. That’s how sweet the deals are. We will be, ideally, leaving around 6am in the morning, so that we can have the best selection. You need to be a member of REI to go the garage sale (seriously, if you’re not a member become one! Best decision ever!), and bring your wallet. This is a great opportunity to stock up on gear for all of your summer trips! If you want to come, please fill out this doc so we can get a rides list going!
Moosejaw Ping Pong Tourney
Moosejaw is going to be hosting a ping pong tournament this Saturday from 5-8pm. There will be FREE food and prizes. If you want to sign up for this awesome event, sign up on the google doc. If you want more info, contact Dan Durbin. Here’s the signup!

Ping Pong Tourney Sign Up


Doing a cool trip this summer? We want to hear about it in the fall! Sign up to present about your awesome summer trip with this google doc!
Like being asked more questions? You got it! Do you have awesome trip ideas for the school year, or would you be potentially interested in joining a committee to help run said trips? Awesome! Then sign up to be a potential committee member with this spreadsheet below!

Potential Trip Planning Committee Members

If you want more info on either of those 2 signups, then contact our new president, Dan Bomzer.
Signing out for now,
Evan Fischer
MSUOC Secretary