Meeting Minutes 11/28

Did you #optoutside this Friday? Hopefully you rested up and enjoyed some fresh air during your well deserved break. Here are today’s headliners:

Dr. Chuck Nelson 

This evening guest speaker, Dr. Chuck Nelson, shared out of doors wisdom while answering questions and facilitating discussion. We talked invasive species, social media movements’ effect on the parks and recreation industry, big cities in Michigan, park-finding apps, environmental engineering, engaged citizenship, and how to motivate ourselves and others to get outside.

Outdoors Club Service Project: visibly make a place better! It’s a great way to get outside. How? Talk to park rangers to see where needs are then provide physically able, knowledgable volunteers (that is us college folk) to spend time caring for the environment. Our brainstorm list for the ideal OC Service Project includes the following aspects: free, fun, family oriented, some friendly competition, a few plenty of dogs, optional transportation, desirable hours and location, and social media advertising. If you have ideas for an OC Service Project contact your President, Dan Bomzer.

To know more, look into these classes:

CSUS464 Natural Resource and Environmental Policy in Michigan (Spring 2018)

CSUS276 National Parks (Spring 2018)

Community Sustainability Internship (Dr. Nelson is the Coordinator for this program)

Upcoming Events

Ludington State Park Camping 

Friday, December 1- Saturday, December 3

Lauren Driscoll is planning a $5 trip (includes the campsite fee; does not include food and gas)! There will be a 1 mile hike to the campsite in a winter wonderland (maybe). Pack according to the weather!!! To signup contact Lauren via Facebook.

POCAR Endurohike

Meet at Shaw Hall for dinner on Friday December 1 at 7pm. Then head out for a 30 mile over night trek. Hike 12-14 hours, and shake hands with some of the challenges POCAR greets. There will be no signup. Reminders will be given on Facebook. Build up your endurance!

“Your limitations are not great, your strengths are great.” -Dr. Chuck Nelson

Have a Happy Tuesday,

Monica Williamson


Outdoors Club

Michigan State University

Meeting Minutes 11/20

Hey everyone!

Hope you guys had a good weekend doing something outdoorsy. Last night at our meeting, we had our first ever gear debate. Our moderators asked the debaters questions about backpacking gear, and then they debated out their views and opinions. There were basically 3 different factions that were debating: Team Ultralight (Tyler), Team Bring Whatever You Want (Jud and Sara), and Team Middle Ground (Vanessa and Durbin). It was a novel way of learning about all types of backpacking gear and equipment. If you want any more advice or tips on gear to ask for for the holidays, then feel free to contact the debaters (or any other eboard member) for advice.

Here’s our upcoming events:
Ludington Trip

From December 1-3, Lauren Driscoll is planning a trip up to Ludington State Park. The cost for this trip will be $5, and will include the campsite fee. There will be a 1 mile hike in to the campsite, with many winter-y festivities to take place (i.e. snowball fights). Signups will be either at the next meeting, or you can personally contact Lauren if you want a spot. See the attached powerpoint for all the complete info on this trip!

Enduro Hike

On December 1 from 8pm to 8am, we will be hiking ~30 miles around the Lansing area. This is a great challenge to see what you’re capable of (both mental and physical), and even better training for any endurance races coming up (say, POCAR?). We will be passing through campus/EL a couple of times, so there are opportunities to drop out if you want. Also, Uber is another option if you want to drop out during the hike.
We’re going to be meeting at Shaw at 7pm on Friday, and then will leave around 8 after stocking up on food for the night. This event will be FREE and there will be no formal signup. We will post more info on the facebook page as it gets closer. Contact Sara Campbell or Olivia Simaz for more info.
That’s all for this week! Hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving break!
Evan Fischer
MSUOC Secretary


Meeting Minutes 11/13

Did you get outside and enjoy that dust of snow that settled through the mitten this weekend? Members hiked in Ludington, on the Manistee River Trail, and through the streets of EL with their pets. At the OC meeting last night we drank Red Bull and talked serious type 2 fun!

CAMPUS TO COAST: April 20-22, 2018

Campus to Coast Coordinator Joe Dewan is prepping for the race. Want to paddle from East Lansing to the coast of Lake Michigan in 57 hours or less? Here’s your chance! To learn more about campus to coast click here. You’ll find information about past races, required gear, and safety information. 

If you’re interested in participating in Campus to Coast, reach out to people who have done the race and have paddling experience. No question is a stupid question! To start, contact the Coordinator himself. Joe’s info can be found on our e-board page. With that being said, please know that Campus to Coast is a strenuous event and requires proper preparation. Start now!

If you are not doing the race, please consider volunteering! Things you’ll do include: managing campsites, recording when teams are coming through a check point, transporting portage wheels, and other location specific duties.You get to cheer on your friends and be a vital part of keeping up their morale! A sign up for volunteering will be available in the spring semester. 


A physical challenge and mental one too! The Purdue Outing Club Adventure Race is a weekend long orienteering challenge held each spring. Get ready for POCAR with the following club events:

Learn to Orienteer Day: at Huron Meadows is this weekend, Sunday November 19th from 10-2pm. Sign up is available online. More details can be found in past meeting minutes

The Enduro Hike: Meet at Shaw Hall for dinner on Friday December 1 at 7pm. Then head out for a 30 mile over night trek in the cold settings of EL. This hike will be led by Sara Campbell, last 12-14 hours, and will address some of the challenges of the POCAR adventure races. There will be no signup. Reminders will be given on Facebook and at meetings. Build up your endurance (finishers get free pizza)!

You’re hiking, it’s cold, your body is bundled, the sun sets, the stars twinkle, the match is struck, the embers glow, and

You’re on fire,

Monica Williamson

Outdoors Club
Michigan State University

Meeting Minutes 11/6

Hey everyone,

We had an awesome presenter come in last night. His name is Mark Voit, and he’s the president of the South Michigan Orienteering Club (SMOC) as well as our faculty advisor. For those of you who don’t know, orienteering is when you use a compass and a topographic map to find orange flags in the woods. Mark Voit told us all about the orienteering and adventure racing events that he’s been to all over the country. It was super fun to listen to, and we all learned a lot. Definitely a great presentation.

Learn to Orienteer Day 

If you’re inspired to learn more about orienteering, then the OC has an opportunity for you! On Sunday 11/19, there is going to be a Learn to Orienteer Day in Huron-Meadows Metro Park near Brighton. This event will be from 10am-2pm. Basically, we’ll give you a map and you’ll go out and find the points. You’ll then take a selfie with the point, and continue onwards to the next one. This event is FREE. Disclaimer: sometimes metro-parks charge $10-$15 for entry, but who knows if they’ll be collecting this time of the year.

If you, don’t know how to orienteer, don’t be discouraged. We can give you the run down really quick, and it’s super easy to pick up.

You’ll be competing in teams of 2-4, but you can arrange teams when you get there. Make sure to bring food, water, a compass if you have one (if not then you can use your phone’s compass) and a whistle.

If you’re interested in this event, then you can sign up on the facebook page, or just click on this link.

Small Walls Film Screening

Remember Johnathan Trites from a couple weeks ago? His film is premiering tomorrow at 7pm at Wells. If you’re interested, then check it out. Here’s the event page.

That’s all folks! Do something outdoorsy, and see you soon.

Evan Fischer

MSUOC Secretary 

Meeting Minutes 10/30

Happy Halloween, OC. Here’s the latest…

Small Walls 

Tonight OC Alumni and adventure filmmaker Jonathon Trites spoke of his latest work Small Walls, the ultimate Midwest Climbing Film. Want to explore a new frontier of climbing? Come see a special viewing of his film Nov 7 at 7pm B122 Wells Hall, its fo’ free!

Campus to Coast Designs

We’ve gotten some awesome designs for Campus to Coast so far, and we hope to see even more! Submit Campus to Coast designs to Joe Dewan. More information can be found in the past meeting minutes. 

  • T-shirt will be green or white
  • We ask that you create a design that only requires one ink color
  • Design the front of the shirt; the back will have logos of sponsors
  • Do not use “Michigan State University” or “Spartan” logos (this requires licensing)
  • If chosen, your design may be slightly altered by the Campus to Coast Coordinator

Trip Planners Trip

Please note the revised guide lines for the Trip Planners Trip: 

  1. Present at meeting with powerpoint
  2. Organize rides list, send out via email or Facebook
  3. Sign up at the meeting
  4. Book campsites
  5. Please front your own reservations, and the club will

Tonight’s Sign-ups
  • Negwegon Camping 
  • Ludington Camping 
  • Manistee River Backpacking

For further details, check out past meeting minutes.

Why did the ghost go to the bar? 

For the booOooOOooze,

Monica Williamson
Outdoors Club
Michigan State University

Meeting Minutes 10/27

Howdy OCers!

The OC meeting? It happened. But hey, I’ll write the summary of the meeting for you anyways!

Before I get to the upcoming events, let me tell you about the awesome guest speaker that came in. Her name is Erica Zazo, and she’s an OC alumni. But, it gets even cooler than that. She works for Backpackers magazine in Chicago (if you haven’t heard about it before, you can thank me later), and writes about some of the local trips that she’s done. It was really great to hear about her experiences, and how she basically gets paid to write about her local trips. If you want to follow her on insta-ounces (because we don’t use the metric system), check out her insta-handle at @onecurioustrvlr.


Without further ado, here’s the upcoming trips!

Negwegon State Park

Don’t ask me how this one is pronounced. But you can ask me to tell you the details of the trip! Michael Rettschlag is planning a trip to Negwegon State Park on the weekend of November 3-5. The park is about 3.5 hours from EL, on the east side of the state, and is near Alpena. This trip is going to be more of a rustic type of camping, as we are going to have to hike about 1.5 miles to the campsite. But don’t worry! We’re going to be essentially right on Lake Huron. Oh, and did I mention that Negwegon is a dark sky park?

The cost of this trip will be $5 per person plus gas and food money. There’s still spots available, so contact Michael by either facebook messenger or email ( if you’re interested in signing up!

Ludington State Park

The following weekend (10-12), the OC is going to Ludington State Park to have a good time. There will be hiking around the park, and probably swimming in Lake Michigan. Ludington State Park is about 2.5 hours from EL, and is on the west side of the state. Oh, and it’s close to Ludington as well. Who would’ve thought?

The price for this trip will be $10 per person, plus gas and food money. There is a 17 person cutoff for this trip as well. Signups will begin next week after the meeting next week. Contact Skyler Leslie ( for more info.

Manistee River Backpacking Trip

The same weekend as the Ludington trip (November 10-12), Katya Karnoup ( is going to be planning a trip to backpack the 23 mile loop known as the Manistee River Trail. The MRT (as the cool kids call it) is near Cadillac, and about 2.5 hours from EL. The price for this trip is going to be FREE. Well, I lied. FREE plus gas money for your driver. However, the cutoff for this trip is going to be at 15 people, so make sure you sign up fast! Oh yeah, the signups are also going to be after the meeting next week.

Since this is a backpacking trip, make sure to pack LIGHT. Everything that you take is going to be carried on your back for the whole weekend, so make sure that you only pack what you need. If you need any help with what to bring, or any backpacking questions, feel free to reference the event page on the website (, join the backpacking gear discussion group (, post on the OC page, or ask any of the eboard members for help. Be careful about who you ask though, because Tyler will tell you to spend your life savings in order to save 4 ounces, and Jud will tell you that hiking with snorkeling gear is absolutely vital 😉. All these differing opinions is what makes backpacking such a fun activity.

That’s all for this week folks! Enjoy the rest of the week, rain or shine (yay, more rain #sarcasm) and see you guys next week! Have a super duper fantastic weekend!

Pun of the week:

How was Rome split in two? With a pair of Caesars.

Evan Fischer

MSUOC Secretary 

Meeting Minutes 10/16

Our very own Sarah Campbell and Jud VanWyk through-hiked the Upper Peninsula! Yes, 517 miles of the swampy North Country Trail! Tonight they graced us with their storytelling. If you’re interested in hearing about the experience or how they prepared for it, contact them or checkout Sara’s blog about the trip: Is Sara Alive. They can answer your questions if you’re thinking of planning a similar trip.

Sleepy Hollow

The Sleepy Hollow Trip (October 20-22) has been CANCELLED due to low numbers and the cost of the group site. Sorry for this inconvenience. For refunds or questions, contact Dan Bomzer (

Campus to Coast Design

We need YOU! To design a Campus to Coast t-shirt. If your design gets picked, you’ll receive a $25 gift card to Moosejaw and a bucket full of pride. Not sure what Campus to Coast is? Check it out!

Things you need to know:

T-shirt will be green or white
We ask that you create a design that only requires one ink color
Design the front of the shirt; the back will have logos of sponsors
Do not use “Michigan State University” or “Spartan” logos (this requires licensing)
If chosen, your design may be slightly altered by the Campus to Coast Coordinator

To submit your design:

Please submit a digital graphic (preferred) or hand-made sketch by November 6, 2017 at 8pm
Submit your design and direct any questions to the Campus to Coast Coordinator, Joe Dewan (


Next week’s guest speaker is Erica Zazo. Not only is she a Spartan alum, she is a contributor to BACKPACKER magazine covering all things outdoor and adventure. She focuses on news and events in the Chicago area. Come hear about her experiences on Monday, October 23 at 8pm in 208 IM West. THAT’S WHAT!

Turn on the oven, go to the cupboard, pull out a can, pull that tab, plop it in the pot, stir it up, and

Have a soupa week,

Monica Williamson


Outdoors Club

Michigan State University

Meeting Minutes 10/9


This weekend members went white water rafting, hiked Pictured Rocks, enjoyed cider mill festivities and more. At tonight’s meeting, OC was educated on how to get educated outside the classroom, because being outside is what we do best of course. Here’s the scoop:

Experiential Learning

Do you plan to Study Abroad, Study Away, have an Internship domestically or abroad, or engage in Service Learning? Monica Williamson (me) is a Intern the College of Social Science Office for Experiential Learning and can answer questions about how to plan and fund your experience. But wait! There’s more…

Earn upper level ISS credits while on two distinctly different islands in the 50th state. For more information about Study Away Hawaii, head to 210B Berkey Hall on Tuesday, October 10 at 5pm for an informational meeting. Open to all majors. Sea you there.


Undergraduate Research

Test the knowledge you’ve gained in the classroom by engaging in Undergraduate Research. In the lab, in the dirt, in the city: find answers to pressing questions alongside experts in the discipline (aka Spartans (go green)). For more information, talk to our very own Jeremy Rapp, an Undergraduate Research Ambassador for Michigan State University. Open and encouraged to all majors.


Kellogg Biological Station

KBS gives you field experience in wetland research. It’s a 10 week gig, and room and board is covered! If you’re interested in living the lake life while gaining professional skills and earning credits, contact Dan Durbin. He said it himself: If he got in, you can too.


Upcoming Events

Learn to Climb Day

Saturday, October 14 from 9-5pm

Grand Ledge, MI

Sign up can be found in the MSUOC Facebook Group (or click here). Please sign up by time slot before this Wednesday, October 11 at 5:30pm. To participate you MUST have signed a waiver, which will be available at the Ledges. For more information, check past meeting minutes.

If you can belay, tie knots, and trust yourself to teach people how to climb, head to the Volunteer tab on the sign up sheet. We need you!

Lansing Bike Co-Op

Tuesday, October 17 from 5-7pm

The Lansing Bike Co-Op is putting on an event just for us! Learn basic “how to’s” for bike repair and maintenance while you get to know the community. If you need a ride or have questions, contact Jesse Higbee on Facebook.

Sleepy Hollow Campout NOTE: Changes have been made since the meeting*

Location: Sleepy Hollow State Park

Friday, October 20-Saturday, October 22 (*time increase! both nights, not just one)

Cost: $10 (*price increase, due time increase)

Only a 25 minute drive north of campus, Sleepy Hollow’s lake, trails, disc golf course, and changing leaves are a nice changes to scenery for the weekend. To sign up, click here and bring your payment to OC’s meeting next Monday, October 16. This link will also be posted to the MSUOC Facebook Group. We will accept cash, card, or check. Remember! Food and drink is not provided. This is a tent camping experience so bring or rent one from the gear room. And most importantly, prep for mid-October weather & the headless horseman, folks!

“We are a part of everything that is beneath us, above us, and around us. Our past is our present, our present is our future, and our future is seven generations past and present.” -Winona LaDuke

Happy Indigenous Peoples Day,

Monica Williamson


Outdoors Club

Michigan State University 

Meeting Minutes 10/2

Hey everyone!

Hope you guys had a good weekend. There were lots of events going on this past weekend, so hopefully you were able to make your outside via one of them. If not, this is what you missed at the last meeting.

Lansing Bike Party

Did your bike fall over because it was two tired? Well, then why don’t you pick it up and join the Lansing Bike Party! If you like to ride, these folks meet every Friday at 6, and go for a ride. They also have themed rides, so you don’t want to miss out on that. If you’re interested, then join the facebook group ( or see the attached pdf.

Cuyahoga Valley National Park

This trip is full. But since you’re already reading this, a few members of the club are going down to one of the 2 cool places in Ohio (the other being Hocking Hills). They’re going down from October 13th – 15th. If you want to be put on the waitlist, or want more information, then talk to Hannah Green or Dan Durbin.

SHAPE Michigan

K-12 physical educators are going to be coming to Grand Ledge to learn more about climbing on October 28th from 9am-12. If you are interested in volunteering (ie. helping to teach how to climb/belay), then contact Monica Williamson.

Learn to Climb Day

Speaking of climbing, the OC is partnering with the climbing club to run our annual learn to climb day! If you want to learn how to tie in, belay, rock climb, or any of that fun jazz, then this is the event for you. It will be on October 14th from 9-5, but you will be signing up in 2 hour shifts. This event will take place at Oak Park in Grand Ledge (which is about 20 minutes away). It’s also the only place to go outdoor rock climbing in the lower peninsula. Like, climbing on actual rocks instead of plastic. Wow, that really rocks! You don’t need your own gear, or any previous knowledge of rock climbing. We’ll show you the ropes, so you need knot to worry!

Now, if you do know how to climb, then you should think about volunteering! Contact Sean Walbridge if you’re interested in volunteering for this event.

Sign up here!

Also, this event is going to be FREE! The only cost is gas money for your driver, but it’s a short drive so…. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.

Make sure you bring snacks, water, athletic apparel (ladies, it is recommended to wear leggings), and a decent attitude. We’ll also make a rides list, so no worries if you can’t drive!

Lastly, Hunter and Zack from the climbing club were nice enough to come in and do a presentation with Sean about what to expect. While we will be teaching you all of this information the day of the event, you can still feel free to check out their presentation to get an idea of what to expect (

If you’re thinking of getting into climbing, definitely check out this event! If you go to Planet Rock, and know how to belay/tie in, then they’ll charge you $3 for a belay check instead of $40 for a lesson. So, you can save $37!

Welp, that’s all folks!


I made a map showing all of the future/past OC trips. There’s a legend, but blue is planned trips for this year, green is completed trips from this year, and red is places that we’ve been to prior to this school year.Take a look at it, and let me know if there’s anything that you want me to add to it.

Pun of the week:

You can’t run through a campground. You can only ran, because it’s past tents.

Evan Fischer

MSUOC Secretary

Meeting Minutes 9/25


This weekend members biked, star-gazed, camped, and caught fish with their bare hands. Want your upcoming weekend plans to include all that? Read on, standing at the edge of the road.

Important Club Info

40 Night Challenge

This OC tradition is a great way quantify how much time you spend outside! Sleep outside for a total of 40 nights within the time constraint (September 14, 2017 to September 14, 2018) to receive the pride that goes hand and hand with being a bad ass. If you hit 40 nights, you’ll get an official 40 Night Challenge patch and you may even get other prizes along the way. It’s more simple than it seems. Can’t get to the nearest State Park? Pitch a tent in your backyard or string your hammock up on your porch, then sleep there. Boom. Here are the rules:

  • You must sleep in a non-permanent shelter, with 3 walls or less.
    • This can include tent, hammock, adirondack, cowboy camping, hammock.
    • Sleeping in cars does not count (It is a permanent structure AND has more than 3 walls!).
  • Report your nights to Judson VanWyk, who will document them as you go.
    • It’s an honors system. Take pride in your outdoor sleeping abilities.

Sleep outdoors for over 10% of the year! Challenge yourself to experience new camping situations and meet new people along the way!

Trip Planners’ Trip: Date TBA

Outdoors Club aims to give members opportunities to explore the great outdoors. We need YOU! to plan trips, too! If you do, you’ll be invited on the spring Trip Planners’ Trip fronted by the club to a cool place in the Smoky Mountains. Here are the stipulations…


  1. Must be an overnight trip

  2. Must be through the club with formal PowerPoint presentation

  3. At least one E-Board Member present on trip

  4. Must have taken place by Valentine’s Day 2018


Upcoming Events

Learn to Mountain Bike Day: Saturday, September 30

Location: Island State Park in Brighton, MI
Cost: $30
Sign up: open
contact Dan Durbin for more information

Ride a 14 mile trail while you learn techniques, like bike trail maintenance and proper shifting techniques, and look superfly on high quality equipment (AKA Trek Superfly 8). Rides will leave East Lansing at 8am, 11pm, and 2pm each for different sessions. The sessions will begin at 9am, 12pm, and 3pm. Expect to be gone for about 5 hours! A ridelist will be made. Make sure to wear something you’d run in (check that weather app). All experience levels welcome!

White Water Rafting:

There are a few spots left for this trip. Check the meeting minutes from last week for more details and contact Dan Durbin with questions.

Camping: Friday, September 29- Sunday, October 1
Location: DH Day Campground, Next door to Sleeping Bear Dunes in Empire, MI
Cost: $5 CASH ONLY, plus $15 for parking pass; this does not include food and gas
Signup: Currently full, to be put on the waiting list contact Sean Walbridge

Have heaps of fun visiting North Bar Beach, Empire Beach, The Bowl and other dunes in the area. Bring your swim suit for a Great (Lake) experience, and be ready to sleep in a tent!

Camping: Friday, October 13-Sunday, October 15

Location: Cuyahoga Valley National Park (CVNP), Ohio
Cost: $15 CASH or check ONLY; does not include food and gas
Sign up: After the meeting on 10/2, 6 spots left!

You’ll camp 20 minutes from park so be ready to hike. Make sure to bring a tent, sleeping bag, money, food, and weather appropriate clothing and shoes. Spoiler alert! Ohio is cool!

Some may think a pirate’s favorite letter is R. It’s not.

It’s the C!
Live your life,

Monica Williamson

Outdoors Club
Michigan State University